Sydney is an amazing place to visit, it is possible that you may have missed the best spots in Sydney even if you live in Sydney or if you are from outside of Sydney. The nature shows itself there in parks and the clear waters. There are some of the best parks in Sydney, a huge number of beautiful beaches with beautiful blue crystal water that clearly defines the nature and a lot of other things. There are numerous other places that have a lot of attraction and will definitely attract you to it. The whole tour will be guided completely by professionals and any one can join the tour. The tour is available for a number of days, there are different packages with variety of days and it is up to you that which package suits you the best. The package can be customized in case if you want something extra in it.  

The animals can be seen in front of you in Featherdale Wildlife park. You will be able to have a direct interaction with the animals. There are different animals and all of them are friendly. You can also take pictures with them and also hold some of them. You can also witness live dance performances in Koomurri Aboriginal Centre, where people will be performing in different getups. The dance seems like traditional and some years ago. If you want to have an aerial view of the area then you can go for the cable way, through will you will be able to have a clear and a beautiful view. Reptiles can also be seen at the Australian Reptile Park; a number of reptiles are available to see the beauty of nature. What truly touches the heart is dolphin cruise. You can see the dolphin cruising right next to you, it really is the spectacular view.    

A visit to Blue mountains can be a good view for your health, they are really an amazing view, plus there is a piece of mind which you will be able to find very easily. If you want to see the marine life more closely then Sydney Aquarium is the place for you, where you will able to see the beautiful marine life full of colors and beauty. One of the major things in overland adventure tours from Sydney is Opera House and if you are there then you just cannot miss that. Various artists perform there and the sitting arrangement is extra ordinary. The architecture is just brilliant. There are a lot of other places which can be seen in Sydney and beauty can be witnessed. 


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