Australia is a land like no other. Even though many countries in the world are rich in natural beauty, Australia is a forerunner among them with not only the beauty of the landscape; it is full of wonders such as the indigenous species you will be able to see only in Australia, the changing scenery within a few hours of a trip and beautiful, unique manmade structures that are truly remarkable.

See the natural wonders, meet the indigenous people

Not many countries in the world have traditional, indigenous people as of now. So many are extinct and others are more accustomed to the modern world that they are no longer the old people they were. However if you take the good Great Ocean Road and Grampians tour, you can see the beautiful ocean and the sandy beaches also go through the mountainous areas and end up in the aboriginal wakes. You will be able to see the early Aboriginal rock art on abandoned bush trails and observe the unique setting replicated in the toils of local painters at village galleries. Once the tour is over you will miss the farm-fresh dairy, vegetable and fruits, and the wines!

Wine tours

Australia is very well known for the wine tours. Nest to Italy and France, Australia has earned a good reputation of being a major wine producer now. Almost 10% of world wine production is now done in Australia; the valleys are full of green vineyards and indigo fruits. You can, not only visit the villages and taste the wine but also, take part in the traditional events and celebrations, taste the villager’s special food, and try your hand at picking grapes. You can also view the wine making process and have an experience of working that, too. There are cooking shows and food fiestas where you also can take part. Don’t forget to take several bottles home for friends and relatives, too.

Special fauna

Australia is known for kangaroos! Take the kangaroo island tour from Groovy Grape Tours to see more of them and have an opportunity to play with the cubs. But not only them Australia is also known for cute Koala bears, echidnas, the dog-like dingos, flat billed platypus, wallabies and wombats. Whilst you may not see all these in the wild, it is a shot worth taking. However by visiting a well-known zoo you can easily cover the set of them. If you are not a fan of zoos, like most free-spirited people now, you can still view them in a wildlife sanctuary scattered around the continent and closer to all major cities. Any country is worth visiting; but you don’t have the time nor the money to see all of it. So try to go to that one place where you have many options to see.

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